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id8 Receives Rare Recognition


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There are certainly some industry tips and tricks that can bolster your brand. Well-known ideas and trends really are useful and often signal important changes, but they do not differentiate between firms.

Who is Clutch?

Clutch, the B2B ratings and review agency, compiles client testimony, case studies, and objective quantitative information to gain market insights on thousands of companies across the globe. Based in Washington, D.C., Clutch makes transactions more efficient and transparent through the power of information, and they find out what sets agencies apart.

Everyone wins – our clients, employees, families, and community

We were fortunate to have recently been named among the top advertising agencies in Atlanta by Clutch and their sister site, The Manifest. Of course, while we would like to absorb all the credit, we know that our clients are instrumental to our success: Their candid and congratulatory commentary helped thrust us to the top. id8 clients know why they keep coming back.

Dave Ward, CEO of Tommy Nobis Center, genuinely appreciated the effort and standards of id8. “id8 holds themselves to a very high standard. For example, they helped design a T-shirt to showcase our new brand. When they were first delivered, their CEO saw that the shirts were too thin to meet their high standards, so they took it upon themselves to order better shirts and covered the cost.”

Ed Redmond, SVP of Marketing at Freshens, was impressed with id8. “We’ve always enjoyed working with them and their young, creative talent base. They stand out in terms of understanding our customer and brand, and delivering creative that is fresh and on target. They appeal to us because they’re able to communicate with the millennial and Gen Z customer base, and all of our products and marketing efforts target those demographics.”

Clutch lists id8 as top advertising agency in Atlanta

Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest, also issues lists of high-performance service providers in industries across the world. In another show of our excellent client relationships, The Manifest rated us among the best branding agencies in Atlanta.

Founded in 2000, we at id8 have deep experience that displays a full understanding of our industry and a dynamism to take on any project possible. Through discovery, creativity, and execution, our process is unimpeachable, consistently leading to fantastic results. Now, with additional Clutch ratings and reviews, we can only further refine our approach.