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Famous brand wordmarks: what is that font?

The most recognized brands in the world convey their identity through their logo. Some brands use a modified font to create a wordmark logo. A wordmark is a distinct text-only treatment of the name of a company, institution, or product. Do you know that many of the most famous brand wordmarks are designed using fonts you can download for free?

Brand wordmarks: what is that font?

Basing a wordmark on an existing font is a common practice, even for the biggest brands in the world. Little differences matter. Minor modifications can transform a common font into the foundation of a recognizable brand.

The Klavika font, for example, is this social media giant’s base for their blue and white wordmark. The designers tweaked the font to widen the letter “c” and align the cross bar of the “f” with the top of the “a,” among other adjustments, to create the Facebook wordmark.

The multinational e-commerce company, eBay, uses the font Univers Extended for their logo. Letters squeeze tightly together and the palette has four colors.

The FedEx wordmark logo is based on the Futura bold font, but designers manipulated several attributes to produce the desired effect. The hidden arrow in the FedEx wordmark is inconspicuous, but it was certainly no mistake. The designer adjusted the font in a precise manner to achieve the arrow-within-a-name outcome.

Identify the brand by their logo font

Consumers probably do not think much about fonts when they interact with favorite brands. However, any element of a well-designed logo creates impact – whether buyers realize it or not. Do you think you can identify a brand just by the font they use in their logo? Why not give it a try?

While the Walt Disney Company logo signature is not actually based on a font, there are options such as the Waltograph font that look very similar. We do not recommend using such a recognizable typeface in your branding, but this is an ideal example of how a custom wordmark can identify a brand at a glance.

How about this one? Do you recognize the brand found on breakfast tables for decades? This is an example of the font used in the Kellogg’s wordmark, although not completely identical.

There are no set rules to help you determine which font you should use for a brand wordmark. Therefore, deciding on the right font can be a challenging task. Do you need some expertise on your brand identity, including a fresh logo design? Our id8 branding and creative teams can help. Reach out anytime!