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How in-store product placement influences purchases

in store product placement

When it comes to retail, product placement plays an important role in sales. The store environment influences buyers even more than many of us realize. Research shows that consumers make two-thirds of their brand decisions in the store. And younger generations of buyers are not as brand-loyal as their parents and grandparents. So, the importance of product placement is growing rapidly.

in store product placement

Often, brands do not have much control over the shelf placement they receive in stores. If you manage a consumer packaged goods (CPG) or product-based B2B brand, however, there is still great value in understanding how product placement impacts your bottom line. Presenting unique packaging and display ideas, for example, can encourage retailers to give your products better positioning which boosts your sales (and theirs).

How consumers shop in stores

Research tells us that product placement in the center of shelves is more noticeable. This position ultimately increases sales. Shoppers start looking at a shelf at eye level. Since most people are right-handed, they scan from left to right down the eye-level selection. This shelf section is one of the top spots to secure. Consumers generally make their purchasing decision in fewer than eight seconds.

How to stand out with your in-store product placement

The number of available product options is continually expanding while shelf space shrinks, due to the rise of private labels and a shift to smaller retail formats. Promotions may be executed inadequately and brands often struggle to stand out. Consider these approaches to improve your chances for shelf sales:

  • Savvy packaging design plays a major role in capturing consumer attention. Packaging design should reflect a brand’s personality in a way that makes it pop against the competition on a retail shelf.
  • Make sure your packaging tells your brand story in a way that provides a connection. Give your customers a reason to trust you and they will be more willing to reach for your product over competitors.
  • The size of a package also makes a big difference in the success of your product. When brands fail to plan their packaging properly, they face losing preferred shelf space.
  • Is your product conducive to sampling or live demonstration? In-store experiences help to promote products by inviting consumers to see and/or try the product right at the store, when they are making decisions.
  • Develop a field marketing Retailers want to know that brands can drive sales through the use of end-cap displays, stickers, or other visual aids.

Each year sees a rise in the number of shoppers waiting until they are in the aisle to choose among competing brands. They are also increasingly likely to reconsider their brand choice during a future trip if another brand appeals more. If your brand is ready for packaging redesign, a brand refresh, point-of-purchase advertising, or even a move to add e-commerce to your offerings, we are here to help! Contact id8 to tell us more about your business. We would love to kick off our partnership with great advice for your brand.