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Demonstrate excellence through school branding

school branding

school branding

School branding influences the perception of students, parents, and the community. When current and future students and parents walk through your school doors or research your school online, you want them to feel a connection and understand your school’s mission right away. Creating brand identity is central to how companies grow and succeed. And, brand identity is just as important in the education sector.

Here are a couple of tips to kick-start the development of your school’s brand and reinforce a positive image:

Differentiate your school from others

Many schools offer a superb education, but yours has its own unique story behind just the academic focus. Your school branding provides an opportunity to differentiate from the other options parents might consider. Branding helps to develop a school’s uniqueness. Dive deep into questions like these to guide your mission and values statement and develop your brand:

  • What do most people in your community look for in a school?
  • How does your school uniquely address student and family needs?
  • What do we stand for?
  • What is our personality?

Exhibit your school’s mission in action

A couple decades ago, the majority of school communication was one-way. Schools primarily pushed out the information to parents and students. However, in today’s digital age of engagement, schools must be more open and available. Parents often develop their opinion on the quality of a school based on the school’s efforts to define their image through communications. Presenting your school brand confidently and dynamically can raise everyone’s interest in and engagement with your school. A vital strategy within your school branding should include stories of success. In addition, focus on dynamic photography that expresses the life of your school in action.

Before you launch any school marketing, make sure that your branding is current and on target. It will serve as the guideline for what you say, how you say it, and how it is presented. Contact id8 to tell us more about your school’s branding vision. We have experience in school branding and will ensure your school brand reflects your mission and values. We can help you take it further as well, integrating the brand into sports uniforms, updating the physical experience on campus through signage and design, and more.