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Five reasons your manufacturing company needs to rebrand

Now is the time to make your brand an experience. A manufacturing rebrand in 2020 can change the entire trajectory of your business for the next decade. Employees can be resistant to change, but here are the tools to debunk the myths, get rid of the excuses, and get excited about creating a fresh, new brand for your manufacturing company.

The five reasons it’s the perfect time to rebrand your manufacturing company today:

  1. Yes, this is the right decision for your business. Branding isn’t only for retail. Branding is just as important for manufacturing as it is in any other industry. We are all humans and we all make purchases based on emotion. Business buyers need to justify their emotional decisions with logic and supporting data, but it’s not hard to find evidence to justify a purchasing decision if you believe in the brand. Give your customers a way to rationalize the expense of doing business with you.
  2. If you don’t brand yourself, other people will define who you are. Get control of the situation. Write the script and tell people who you are and what you do. Otherwise, you are subject to the good, the bad, and the ugly of assumptions and hearsay. Plus, if you’re not reinforcing a consistent message, any positive buzz about your brand may be lost in the clutter.
  3. Offering the cheapest price is not a brand strategy. In fact, it will undermine your brand credibility and you’ll simply become a commodity. This is important during a rebrand because your differentiator has probably changed since you first branded. For example, Enterprise looked at rental cars and saw it was a commoditized market and instead of joining a race to the bottom, they changed one aspect of their customer experience. Smart brand management and introducing the “We’ll pick you up” service in 1974 catapulted Enterprise into the leading global rental car company it is today.
  4. Be specific. You’re not the cheapest, so what makes you special? Don’t be coy about what makes you better than the competition. Pinpoint what differentiates you in today’s marketplace. During the rebrand process, you can identify and address pain points for your customers and compete on more than just price. BMW has excelled by shifting to emphasize high-touch customer experience. Jonathan Fishkin, key account manager for VIP and Limo Sales at BMW, explains “We shouldn’t be focused on price points; we should be focused on the luxury for the customer, making sure they’re getting the best experience to allow operators to charge the most for the ride.”
  5. Be current. Old and outdated is not attractive. If it were, older models of all types would be seen across America (we’re talking about cars and electronics, right?). But… they’re not. It’s time to invigorate your brand with fresh, new life. Because a new brand launch will permeate every aspect of your business, it will also breathe new life into the day-to-day operations of your business.

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