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Rebranding a manufacturer for success: Spectra Gutter Systems

Spectra Metal Sales, the nation’s leading manufacturer of rainware and gutter solutions, had a misleading name that did not reflect their true position in the marketplace, so they engaged the branding experts at id8 to get brand clarity. The results: a brand identity that represents Spectra’s quality products and service, and the great American success story of this family-owned business.

Why the brand didn’t fit

Despite 40 years of leadership and innovation in the sheet metal and aluminum rainware manufacturing and contractor direct industry, the Spectra Metal Sales brand did not reflect the quality of the products, the span on their reach, nor the family values and dedication it represented.

From humble beginnings, Spectra Metal Sales grew from a small regional supplier into the premier manufacturer and distributor of painted gutter and rainware products in North America. Today, Spectra Gutter Systems has over 21 manufacturing and distribution facilities nationwide and serves customers throughout North America, Canada, the Caribbean, South America, and parts of Europe. There is no question the company is the fastest growing, most aggressive business in an established and stable industry, and is the market leader in the aluminum gutter and rainware industry.

How id8 created a better brand for this manufacturer

Whenever people interact with your brand, it’s an opportunity to create a memorable impression and true brand engagement. id8 leverages its understanding of consumer behavior, brand strategy, and effective marketing to create a transformative branded experience capable of creating a connection between the manufacturer’s story and its audience in a meaningful way.

Building a new identity is a process. The branding experts at id8 have a proven 3-step process for branding manufacturers: 1. Discovery, 2. Creative, and 3. Execution. During the discovery phase, the team tackles a comprehensive brand audit. This includes competitive research, stakeholder interviews, and a comprehensive look at the target audience (or in some cases, multiple target audiences). Our team then dives deep into experiential research to gain outside perspective on what the brand’s customer experiences when they engage with the brand to understand the customer journey process. id8 takes these findings and applies them in the Creative phase. During this phase, the unique brand image is developed during lively brainstorm sessions, along with a brand story that elicits a positive emotional impact. Finally, the Execution phase results in a brand style guide, corporate identity, marketing materials, and digital presence — making it easy to seamlessly integrate the new brand across all platforms. Brand guidelines ensure consistency for future applications of the brand for years to come.

The results

id8 sharpened Spectra’s messaging and created a new identity that successfully positioned them as the industry leader with a name that more accurately describes their product offering: Spectra Gutter Systems. Then id8 fulfilled the objective of creating a brand experience for the company’s different audiences — both consumers and contractors alike — by telling their brand story of being a successful family-operated, veteran-owned, and American-made brand.

Spectra Gutter Systems has set the standard of excellence in the gutter systems industry and it’s their mission to build solutions that create customers for life. Together with id8, Spectra Gutter Systems successfully established a new, unified brand on which they can build and grow for years to come.

The talented team at id8 is ready to help your manufacturing company build a brand strategy that puts you at a competitive advantage in the industry. Schedule a time to talk with us today!