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Five Avoidable Website Mistakes

website mistakesWith today’s consumer market hinging largely on the internet, most companies utilize websites to draw the attention of new business opportunities. And with so much opportunity residing within each organization’s URL, a website’s content and impact are of the essence. That being said, there is little room for error. The following website mistakes are common errors that companies can easily avoid.

1. Too Much Movement, Not Enough Substance – Sure animation and motion may look cool, but a website overflowing with Flash or heavy animation is impractical. For one, flash requires a lot of bandwidth. Two, Flash is not mobile friendly. A big mistake considering Smart Phones are only increasing in popularity. And last but not least, Search Engines invest absolutely no value. Stick to acceptable motion graphics compressed for web and work well on a phone. Without a plentiful bounty of substance, a website’s SEO goes right out the window.

2. Not optimizing your optimization – In terms of SEO, optimizing your website is just the beginning.  Each and every page should be strategically composed, from utilization of keywords to meta tags, optimized titles and strong content. The more you optimize, the better your chances of being spotlighted by search engines. But on a cautionary note, don’t over-optimize your webpage either. Cramming in as many keywords as possible and focusing more on the strategy then the actual content will prove counter effective.

3.  Not understanding the need for speed – In today’s fast paced world, slow websites are no longer acceptable. Prospects are interested in quick and easy service, meaning very little patience for a sluggish page. If you’re suffering from a practically comatose URL, check out this slow website checklist to determine possible culprits.

4. Being a Browser Snob – While a majority of users may use Google Chrome and Firefox, many others will browse using Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Chrome. If your website doesn’t work for the user’s browser of choice, consider the lead lost.

5. Missing What It’s About- With a plethora of competitors and options vying for the same business, consumers have a lot from which to choose. Oftentimes, they’ll try to grasp the personality or the vibe of a business, opting to go with the organization that most closely reflects their ideals. Without an about page to really establish what the website is all about, an organization will remain faceless.

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