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How Do We Launch the Rebrand Across All of Our Social Media?

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A brand centers on a promise and not a simple set of colors. A brand is how you make your customers feel, and it’s accomplished by a consistent approach across all intersections they have with your brand, including social media. According to Facebook, the top 4 qualities people use to describe why they are loyal to a brand are consistency, experience, cost and quality.

But rebranding across social media channels can also challenge your creativity.

You must make it as comfortable and easy as possible for consumers to find and recognize your page or account, regardless of which social media network they use. Consistent use of your logo, color palette, company bio, and boilerplate language help create instant recognition. Posts should flow seamlessly into one another.

Have A Plan:

  • Bring your strategy together by mapping your new social media content. Inconsistencies across channels can dilute your core messages. It will make the difference between success and failure.
  • Perform a social media audit across all of your accounts.
  • Review brand guidelines and audit social media sites regularly to ensure consistency in the use of any new logos, typography, posting cadence, company catchphrases, banners, and bios across all channels.
  • Know what you will publish and when.
  • Create graphic templates for similar announcements to ensure consistency across channels.
  • Organize what you want to promote. You don’t want any confusion between what’s old and what’s new, so delete any old social media accounts or content.
  • Post on a consistent schedule and review content for alignment with the audience and the network. Define your customer base and assign customer profiles to the appropriate network and messages you use.
  • If your company is large enough, you can hyper-focus your brand by creating multiple accounts, making it easier to deliver focused content.
  • When you plan your rebrand, make sure to communicate to your employees and leadership that this exercise should be left to the people who run your social media to ensure consistency.

It’s crucial to prepare your audience. If your rebrand is a whole new concept rather than the old brand, let your customers know by explaining what has changed. You have created original content for the rebrand now to share it. Be social on social media. Sharing will introduce new clients to the brand, it will show your previous audience the benefits of the rebrand, and it will successfully assure that everyone is on the same page.

You have organized all of your new brand ideas, you have prepared your audience, you have deleted old and created new social media accounts, you have answers prepared for questions, and now it’s time to launch. Remember, social media is a continuous game. Stay active with your brand’s social media accounts and show how you have become something much bigger and better.

Are you ready to make your social media channels one of your most powerful tools? Assemble your social media branding committee and call id8, the branding experts. We can guide you through the organization and execution of a successful social media rebrand project.