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Social Media Editorial and Content Calendars: Does your marketing strategy need both?

The content that you share on social media forms the backbone of your online branding strategy. Your brand success on social media is determined by your content. When executed right, your social media strategy will help you increase brand credibility. It can also allow you to capture the mindshare of your target audience. Having an effective social media strategy will foster more client relationships and partnerships. Sounds great, but where do you start?
Before creating and producing content for any social media account, you need to pause and think about your social media strategy. It’s tempting to dive in and start posting and sharing right away. Yet, this is an important first step to take. If your company already has a history on social media – don’t worry, it’s not too late. It’s still worth it to go back and spend time on this step for the future. It will pay off in the long-run.
Creating an editorial and content calendar for your social media will help you stay organized. They will get you aligned with your existing marketing strategies and brand. Your company’s social media presence represents your brand. It’s easy to think about social media as a separate entity. Yet, creating a consistent identity that demonstrates your values is part of the branding process. Yes, social media is part of the branding process.


What is the difference between an editorial calendar and content calendar?

First, think of your editorial calendar as the broad strategy and the content calendar as your day-to-day execution plan. Next, keep them simple.


Editorial calendar: What it is and how to use it

The editorial calendar guides the content that you plan to create and share. Your editorial calendar provides direction for your content by setting themes over certain periods of time. Your social media editorial calendar is one of the first steps in planning and implanting your social media strategy. Applying themes will help your team create, curate, or repurpose relevant content. This calendar will align content with your marketing strategy and strengthen your brand. When coming up with themes, keeping the calendar more organized and simplistic will make it easier for your team. People will support this calendar and keep it in mind, during the creation process.  


Content calendar: What it is and how to use it

The content calendar will keep your social media content organized and on track and ensure consistency over time. This is the key to establishing your brand and the right brand identity across all social media platforms. Your content calendar instructs the day-to-day management of content and the specifics of each post. It also helps marketing teams stay on top of things and handle changes when unexpected events and unscheduled content pop up. A content calendar saves marketing directors from headaches. There will be less needs on their part for rescheduling and re-strategizing. Instead of having to step in and manage these social media accounts for adjustments, the marketing team can see what needs shifting. The team is more equipped to handle problems and changes.
Once you understand both, an editorial calendar and content calendar should be used together. They serve as a tool for consistency and review on a regular basis with marketing managers. Marketing team members will start to engage with the calendars more frequently and effectively. Your editorial calendar and content calendar will drive open communication and stronger production. Results will have a positive impact across the team. Over time, these calendars will begin to guide productive discussions. They will facilitate content modifications, as needed. You’ll find your team working in collaboration, as people begin to use these calendars. Users will see the opportunities these calendars present. Team members will reach out, ahead of scheduled postings, and acquire input from different sources at different levels.
There are several very useful social media marketing tools and products that can help you manage accounts. Now, you can schedule content and track engagement across multiple social media platforms. compares CoSchedule, Hootsuite, other tools available to marketing directors and their teams. Now that you know the difference between these two calendars and know how to use them, what’s next?


How do you build the best editorial and content calendars to fit your marketing strategy?

Finally, it takes time and effort to establish strong editorial and content calendars. But once they are in place, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them. We are here to help. Social media content marketing can be time consuming and overwhelming. When you are responsible for a million other things, it could be the last thing on your mind. At id8, we know how to use these two calendars correctly. Your brand will become more relevant and consistent, through the content posted and shared on your accounts. You’ll be better positioned to squeeze every bit of value from every piece your team creates. Content will serve a defined purpose. Making yourself easy to find and easily understood is the first step to great branding and gaining recognition. The experts at id8 are ready to help you share your enthusiasm and expertise with your team. You’ll reach your target audience and begin to realize a steady stream of ideal clients. Contact us today to strengthen your brand across all social media platforms.