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Essential Packaging Design Elements for CPG Brands

When your packaging design appeals to retailer buyers, your brand experiences success. The goal of packaging design is to grab the attention of your audience. Packaging design elements provide a golden opportunity for a great first impression. It offers a chance for your brand to stand out and distinguish itself among the competition.

This year, a large part of the U.S. population is still working from home. With people staying home for the holidays, more people will ship and send gifts through the mail. How do consumers choose a product from all the options on a crowded shelf?

How do they choose from all the options available online? Aesthetics play a major role in consumer decisions. Consumers enjoy buying the best looking brand. Packaging design gives brands the opportunity to create this experience for consumers. Steering wandering eyes away from competitors is another benefit of excellent packaging design.

The Importance of Retailers for CPG Brands

In the age of eCommerce, CPG brands have shifted focus towards digital sales. Creating a brand that retailers want to sell in-store and online has never been more important. CPG brands need to consider certain packaging design elements and changes for success. With the global pandemic causing changes left and right, now is the time to re-evaluate. Determine if your brand is in need of a packaging design refresh. A packaging redesign can strengthen your brand and boost product performance.

There is a growing D2C (direct-to-consumer) market with Shopify and other e-commerce platforms. Social media marketplaces and other resources make it easier to reach consumers. Yet, retail partnerships make a huge difference for CPG brands. By expanding reach, lowering costs, increasing loyalty, retail partnerships offer key benefits. Below is a list of retailers dominating eCommerce and traditional landscapes:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • CVS
  • Costco
Instacart and other service companies are also changing the landscape for grocery retailers. 

Essential Packaging Design Elements to Attract Retailers

To appeal to retailers and gain support, CPG brands must consider three elements. Flexibility, sustainability, and inclusivity are essential for packaging design in the digital age. These packaging design elements make your brand more attractive to retailers. By making your brand easier to sell and ship, these three elements foster successful partnerships.

Flexible Packaging Design

Flexible packaging offers durability and protection. This type of packaging design uses non-rigid materials. A flexible packaging design reduces breakage, spills, and separation of products. A lightweight and flexible pouch is easier and cheaper to transport than a heavy and stiff box. This type of packaging design reduces waste and saves space. With features like resealable closures, your flexible packaging design becomes versatile. Using fewer resources during shipment and delivery has a positive environmental impact.

Sustainable Packaging Design

Brands can achieve a sustainable packaging design in different ways. From a complete packaging redesign to small adjustments in packaging materials, there are many possibilities. Any steps taken towards sustainability help your business and brand. The success of your brand comes from packaging design actions and decisions. When it comes to attracting retailers and increasing sales, sustainable packaging is key. Retailers often set packaging design requirements and guidelines for brands. Your packaging design must meet these, if retailers are going to sell your brand. Sustainability standards can make or break a partnership. For example, consider Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) guidelines. These require vendors and manufacturers to use recyclable packaging. A single switch could make a difference between a deal or no deal with with traditional and online retailers.

Inclusive Packaging Design

Inclusive packaging means packaging offers maximum accessibility and usability. Regardless of age, gender, disability, or any other demographic design packaging for everyone. Inclusive packaging design eliminates restrictions and barriers caused by certain packaging features. Think about the aging population of Baby Boomers. An easy-to-open packaging design element is more appealing than a difficult-to-open feature. For those with disabilities, consider incorporating unique sensory elements into your packaging design. By widening your potential customer base, inclusive packaging design appeals to retailers.

Thinking Forward

To capture the attention of retailers, CPG brands need comprehensive research. Flexible, sustainable, and inclusive packaging design elements are effective when backed by data. Research helps brands understand how their brand performs in the retail environment. Partnering with retailers and gaining their support is key for CPG brands to succeed. The changes and adjustments required to adopt a D2C business model strain resources. Both online and in-store support from retailers will boost your brand and revenue.

Getting Started

At id8, we have twenty years of packaging design experience. Our experts offer extensive research and retail packaging design services. We design boxes, bags, pouches, bottles, cans, jars, and more that jump off the shelf and digital screen. Focus on what your brand does best. Contact us today to find out how we can help your brand adapt for future success and thrive in the age of eCommerce!