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What are the benefits of hiring a creative agency?

For a CMO, a creative agency offers support that enables them to meet greater demands. The role of marketing leaders is changing. Expectations are higher than ever. If you’re a CMO, Marketing Director, or VP of Marketing, pressures are rising. Boards expect marketing executives to be growth drivers, innovators, storytellers, and brand managers. These leaders are expected to support sales activities, create customer experiences, and manage internal culture and communications. Amidst new challenges and higher demands, marketing executives must show resilience and strength.

Yet, according to CMO Insights and Analysis from Deloitte, “Only 26% of CMOs are invited to attend board meetings regularly. Expectations are high, but access and influence are low.” Now, there is a demand for accountability and visible contribution to the bottom line.

Marketing executives must provide consumer insights based on extensive research and data. Taking on the new role of data analyst, means CMOs and their teams must tackle legal implications. More responsibility adds to the pressures of running a successful marketing department. This becomes more difficult in a year plagued by budget cuts and limited resources. Despite this, marketing executives remain more optimistic than CEOs and other C-suite colleagues.

A creative agency can help marketing leaders execute their marketing strategy. Fine-tune the wants and needs of your organization and board of executives. Meet the high demands and expectations of your board with the help of a creative agency. They should deliver what your team needs with flexibility, openness, and speed.

id8 has been helping marketing teams across the country with projects and deliverables. The right creative agency will take the time to understand your values, goals, and culture. Creating unique solutions for each partnership comes from open communication.

We use customer experience and design research that drives higher profits. From strategy development to specific deliverables, we’ve got you covered.  Execute a marketing strategy that strengthens your brand and demonstrates department success.


Larger agencies and marketing firms may try to cross-sell their services. At id8, we focus on specialties. This is where we like to shine. Since id8 is a boutique creative agency, we offer what we know and do best. With shifts in consumer behavior and how buyers choose brands, you may need to update the segments of your target market. The experts at id8 can help you develop new customer personas that reflect these changes. We use market research to help your team connect with the right audience.

A creative agency can also help you realign your positioning and messaging to reflect the current environment in a way that resonates with your audience. Our market research can help you here, too. Leave it to the experts at id8 to create messages that communicate any changes in your company since the beginning of the pandemic. Keep internal and external communication aligned with the brand you’ve worked so hard to create. A brand audit conducted by our experts can also be useful to your team as tasks are delegated in the new year. The creative team at our agency can also support your marketing efforts by developing new sales and marketing materials for the new year. Make your virtual meetings pop with creative digital presentations and engaging videos.


Large agencies have large teams which may result in your team jumping through hoops for deliverables. A creative agency should make your job easier, not add to your stress. At id8, we are more focused. We can work as needed at your pace, whether that’s faster or slower. Our team won’t make you wait on internal processes of approval or steps in place at larger agencies. Our process is efficient and personable. Help your team keep up with an agile marketing strategy in the new year by allowing our creative agency to support your design, research, strategy needs.


At id8, we don’t see every project as another notch on our creative belt. Some creative agencies experience high pressure and expectations to uphold a certain reputation. These are challenges you are trying to reduce for your team by hiring a creative agency. You don’t want to introduce more of the same from an external partner. Our boutique creative agency is open when it comes to communication and collaboration. We are here to help your needs and support the efforts of your marketing department.


A Bain & Co. study reports, “85% of the winning companies used capability sourcing more broadly and innovatively than their competitors.” Your executive board expects you to deliver innovation and business growth. Hiring a creative agency is one action you can take to ensure cutting-edge results. Focus on the pressing demands of your organization and department for business growth. If your goal is to show more value to consumers or deliver unique experiences, the designer at id8 can help.

At id8, we offer design services that strengthen brands. Keep your brand up-to-date, responsive, and positioned for the future. A partnership with a creative agency can save you time and resources to spend elsewhere. If your goal is to show more value to consumers or deliver unique experiences, the designer at id8 can help.


The role of the CMOs and marketing leaders has evolved and will continue to change. Expectations rise with today’s technologies, consumers, and business demands. In the past, marketing executives were idea generators, brand promoters, and creative designers. CMOs are still creative thinkers that drive brand awareness, interest, and excitement. However, these can be difficult to measure. Today, there is an immense pressure to show and deliver quantitative results.

CMOs and marketing teams must take on a wider range of activities and adopt new skills. Now, creative experts must serve as data-driven experts through their activities and skills. Strategy development, forecasting, and reporting are among rising demands, as well. Yet, creativity and innovation are still expected to appear in everything you touch.

Marketing is often defined by intangible factors. Focus has shifted to more concrete metrics that track tangible growth and show success. Challenges arise when CMOs don’t have the resources or capacity to deliver. The right people with the right resources and skills can make a world of difference. With more freedom to get things done, an agency opens new doors and opportunities for your team.

If you are ready to meet high demands and your team is capable of juggling all the tasks, a bit of help can go a long way. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the crazy expectations of your executive board, our full-service creative agency is here for you. The experts at id8 can give your team the boost it needs to deliver and exceed expectations. Give us a call or send us an email today!