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Atlanta, GA ranks 6th in the US as the top city for innovation. A well-crafted logo design has the power to create tremendous brand awareness. But it may need some alterations to keep up with newer logo designs and trends. Sometimes a refresh is necessary when a logo design remains the same for an extended period of time. Often, the key is to insert subtle changes while maintaining a consistent look and feel. These small changes to your logo design offer you the chance to reinvigorate your brand. They can help you excite existing customers and grab the attention of new buyers.

GA ranks #3 in the US as the best state to start a business. With new businesses and logo designs popping up, it can be tricky to find good sources of inspiration. Processing everything you see and deciding on the best changes can be overwhelming. The following list describes three well-known brands that updated their logo design. All three brands saw success with these changes.

Discovery Channel Logo Redesign Evolution: logo design atlanta ga


Discovery Channel’s logo design comes from the sleek look, crafted in 2008 by View Point Creative. The switch from the Aurora Bold Condensed font to Gotham reflects this change. The globe’s connection to the d in discovery completes an appealing look. The creative agency Roger created the current logo design. This agency produced a global brand identity for The Discovery Channel. As a brand with a rich heritage, Discovery looked to build on its equity of decades of brand recognition. The brand was able to modernize its outdated logo design and maintain its original feel. With that success, the goal of creating a novel approach to the D + Globe icon began.

Slack Logo Redesign: logo design atlanta ga


While the newer Slack logo design may appear similar, the original logo was a bit of a mess. With 11 different colors, the old logo design was not as polished. Unless it was on a white background and rotated exactly 18º, the old logo design became a jumbled pile of colors. Pentagram created the new logo design. It is a simpler, four-color, pinwheel design built for easier and more applicable use. Now, Slack has a cohesive look across different platforms.

Starbucks Logo Redesign Evolution: logo design atlanta ga

It’s hard to ignore this powerhouse coffee shop. Starbucks seems to have a location open on almost every corner of every street in Atlanta, GA. The old logo design features a half nude siren framed by bland and cluttered colors. It was also less memorable to customers at the time. The updated logo design has ushered in a new era for the caffeine giant. A clear mermaid combined with the iconic green and white palette resulted in a new logo design that pops. The cleaner logo design is more appealing to the eye and recognizable to customers.

Case Studies

City of Locust Grove
Kaplan Residential
City of Canton

Can you think of any more logo designs that you’ve spotted and either loved or hated? Are you looking for more sources of inspiration for a new logo design? Read more about 8 of the Best Logo Redesigns of 2019. If you’re in Atlanta, GA, contact the experts at id8 for excellent logo design services.