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Memorable Presentations

Company presentations typically have two things in common: They’re predictable, and they’re boring. When you sit down in a meeting and see the title slide of a presentation projected on the screen, you can be pretty sure you’ll see the same information—who they are, who their clients are (with logos), products and services—and lots of bullets. No matter how pretty the design might be, the information is still stale.

At id8, we bring our creative strengths in design, writing, and marketing strategy to design presentations that will keep your audience tuned in and ready to hear more. We take basic tenets of communication and apply them to your presentation:

  • People can only absorb so much information, so keep the content to a minimum and present the rest in a printed or electronic piece (a great way to follow up after the meeting)
  • People will not remember something if it’s expected, so keep the content surprising and lively.
  • People remember stories, so tell a vivid one, with a clear problem (so they know you understand their pains), a solution with concrete examples, and a clear return on investment.
  • Companies often don’t have an actual goal with a presentation. Is it to ask for a sale? Get a second meeting? Set up a demonstration? Make sure you have one that is clear and actionable.
  • People are visual, so make the presentation visually exciting and unexpected, without distracting.

Contact Us to discuss how we can help you create a presentation that is truly memorable, exciting, and effective.

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