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Branding for nonprofit and community

branding nonprofit community

Did you know that some of the world’s most recognizable brands are nonprofit organizations? Most everyone instantly connects the American Red Cross with the iconic cross logo and visualizes images of kind, helping hands in difficult situations. We can identify the YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, and American Cancer Society easily.

Smaller nonprofit organizations also benefit from thoughtful branding efforts. In the past, branding for nonprofits was predominately considered a means for fundraising. Today, a greater number of small organizations are focusing on branding and visual identity to present their message with an impact that goes beyond fundraising alone.

branding nonprofit community

How does a nonprofit organization begin the branding process? recently shared five logical steps to consider when rebranding a nonprofit, including creating a brand guide, developing key messages, and making it stick. Somewhere in between step one (deciding it’s the right time) and step two (creating a brand guide), the Atlanta-area branding pros at id8 also recommend questioning and understanding.

Questions are important when developing brand identity, for the answers obtained will provide crucial clarity regarding how branding identity efforts should move forward. Asking questions and completing brand identity research will create a thorough understanding of the brand’s current personality, awareness level, and messaging.

Refreshing a nonprofit brand identity can differentiate the message, develop a personality, and increase community goodwill. Whether the effort is corporate branding for consumer-related brands or nonprofit branding, the end result of branding should always communicate personality, purpose, and promise in an uncomplicated way.

branding Cobb Collaborative

Atlanta-area advertising agency id8 takes pride in supporting our community. We are community builders, at work and at home, and have experience serving communities like Marietta Square and nonprofit organizations. We recently helped to rebrand and redesign Cobb Collaborative, the go-to organization for local nonprofit needs. Cobb Collaborative is unique; they are a nonprofit with a mission to help other nonprofits. They granted over $1.9 million to Cobb County, Georgia nonprofit organizations – yet that remained an unknown fact to most everyone. id8 assisted with a vision, design, and plan to get the word out and tell the powerful story of this unique group. Cobb Collaborative has a revised name and newly-designed materials including pull up banners, business cards, a contemporary website, and a logo. All elements tell the same story and speak to how Cobb Collaborative’s service supports all types of community members through helping nonprofits. Their mission is now clear, and id8 is proud to have been part of the process.