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Website design with WOW, part 1: Audience

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What elements of website design will make people remember a site?

Great content? Probably.

Attractive imagery? Most likely.

Answers to what they seek? Of course.

Or, imagine this: all of the above, packaged together in a website design that provides a unique “pop” and user-friendly functionality that speaks to the customer. That’s what we like to call the Wow Factor.

website design atlanta

Website design with Wow can come from a few amazing eye-catching elements, from savvy copywriting, or from a unique layout that both serves and fascinates the visitor. More often than not, achieving Wow requires a creative and intelligent blend of many strong design elements. However, Wow must also go beyond design. The Wow Factor must also incorporate customers’ needs and present a pleasant online customer service experience.

When seeking Wow in website design, the id8 team begins each project with taking the time to educate our clients on an important rule:

Always focus on your customers.

It can be easy for businesses to fall into a trap of creating website design to personal likes and dislikes, which can inadvertently influence a web designer to cater to their personal tastes (Example: a client says “I hate the color yellow,” but they sell lemonade). The ultimate purpose of a business site is to inform and answer the needs of customers and potential buyers, so the website design should showcase what potential customers like and need (Example: When searching for a lemonade company potential customers might be expecting to see the color yellow because it makes them think of lemonade).

Market research can provide marketers with data to better understand customer demographics, attitudes, and behaviors. It is an important first step, because media consumption and digital behaviors often vary based on the type of consumer being targeted.

Once the client and website design professional have a thorough understanding of the target consumer’s needs and expectations, it is time to focus on content and design. Our next blog post, Website design with WOW, part 2, will review content and performance rules that our id8 website designers follow to create the Wow that our clients desire.