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Beyond tourism: the value of municipal branding

municipal branding

For major tourism destinations, municipal branding creates an obvious connection between a place and the promise or persona of that place.

Las Vegas: “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.”

Hershey, PA: “The Sweetest Place on Earth.”

Nashville, TN: “Music City.”

These highly recognizable municipal slogans represent a marketing piece of a larger successful municipal branding (or place branding) effort, consistently and effectively communicating what the location has to offer. The importance of a tourism-based branding effort is obvious for major travel destinations, but what about cities and towns where tourism isn’t the clear number one?

municipal branding

Does municipal branding have value for all cities and towns?

Yes, it does. Beyond tourism, cities compete with neighboring areas for people, jobs, business, shopping, arts and recreation. Public perception is highly influential in today’s competitive landscape where choices are seemingly infinite. Positive perception, therefore, has tremendous value for any municipality. Branding establishes and promotes a chosen vision, mission, and identity to the masses in order to grow and maintain positive perception.

City branding introduces and reinforces the local image by showing off unique assets. It creates and solidifies social, cultural, and economic connections. Effective municipal branding brings stakeholders together to develop a common vision that sets the city apart and highlights the best while boosting residents’ pride.

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