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Goodbye trade show booth, hello brand engagement

trade show brand engagement

trade show brand engagement

Trade show marketing is an important piece of business-to-business strategy. The top 10 largest US trade shows alone hosted over 787,000 attendees with nearly 26,000 exhibitors in 2016. The exhibit booth is no longer a place to sit idly by a company banner with product samples and brochures. It is the hub for conducting face-to-face conversations while creating an experience. Booth design matters, and memorable brand engagement is the key to success.

Trade show presence:  first impressions are everything

Trade show attendees will decide to engage with a brand exhibit in a matter of seconds. Thoughtfully position every booth element in a way that intrigues attendees. Speak to their needs, and do so in a way that is simple but impactful. Attract with seven words or less. Use high impact graphics, video, and/or animations. Also, do not forget to design your booth in 3D. Take into account lines of sight as well as traffic flow. Focus key elements at eye level or above. The bottom few feet of a booth are not visible when passing by in a crowd.

Function: based on your marketing objective

The exhibit space should make an impact on attendees and provide function for the marketing team. Does the trade show team need meeting areas? Space for product demonstrations? Lead capture stations? An effective booth balances both form and function.

The goal: memorable brand engagement

Tangible take-away items are useful at a trade show, but the most powerful exhibits give attendees memorable experiences. Create an atmosphere that matches the brand personality. Use lighting, music, scents, and displays that provide the feel that the brand exudes. Find a unique way to create brand engagement with an activity, game, sampling program, etc. Allow exhibit guests to use their senses: touch, smell, hearing, and taste if applicable. Is there an emotional angle? Use it. Of course, surround every trade show element with opportunities to share on social media. This extends reach and invites others to seek out engagement with the brand.

Trade show marketing is a big business, and it can boost your business with valuable face-to-face interaction. Do you want to boost engagement at your exhibits? Our id8 team would love to help.