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The transformation of tea packaging design

bright edgy tea design

Packaging design is really our cup of tea. We have designed packaging of all types, from coffee bags and seasonings to hair care products and take-out containers. And the best way to capture the consumer’s attention is a creative solution that deviates from the norm. Tea packaging design, for example, is moving away from the typical box into tins, cans, and pouches. In addition, bright and bold colors are transforming the category by attracting modern consumers.

tea trends

Here, we share some of our favorite examples of out-of-the-box tea packaging design.

Bright and edgy design

Brands are increasingly shifting from a look that your grandmother may have preferred to more modern designs that use bright colors and graphic elements. This design for the London Tea Co., for example, is edgy and colorful with graphics that draw the eye to the product.  Designed by D.Studio, the bags are arranged in brightly colored tin cans. Designers wanted customers to “dig LTC’s vibrant array of infusions designed to be enjoyed in the modern way, whether that’s while walking your pug in the local skate park or having that tattoo of your ex’s name made into a dolphin.”

bright edgy tea design

Simple, aspirational elegance

The Seventh Duchess is an organic tea brand with a luxurious visual identity. Boxer & Co. freshened up the brand by replacing the previous tin packaging with an elegant new tube structure. The look is fresh and modern, making it a popular gift for female consumers.

elegant tea design

Packaging design that reflects tea origins

This design for Yang Chai premium tea combines the spirit of a younger generation of consumers with the tea’s Indian heritage. It reflects the story of the first boats that were crossing the ocean to bring new products to Europe.

Aside from water, tea and coffee are probably two of the most common drinks in the world. Edgy, laid-back, or highly sophisticated, packaging plays an important role in the product experience. Do you have a beverage product that needs a modern look? Contact id8 about effective branding and uniquely creative designs.