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The creative process of brand building

At id8, the second step in our client-centered brand building is the Creative Process. Every brand strategy project begins with Discovery. We immerse ourselves in your brand to uncover answers to all the key questions. Only then do we move forward. The Discovery phase gives us the necessary visual direction for the Creative phase.

creative process branding

The creative process

During the Creative Process, id8’s experienced design team will use collected information and goals to hone in on a visual approach. Afterward, the visual approach will guide the development of graphic elements. Graphic elements will speak to your various audience segments in a successful and cohesive way.

Elements born from the creative process

Creative elements in branding are numerous. For example, the pieces that build the overall brand look and feel might include:

Logo – your brand’s central and identifiable visual element

Tone and voice – how a brand conveys its brand personality to the audience

Color palette – a clean selection of several colors that allow design flexibility and a consistent look

Typography – style, arrangement, and appearance of letters, numbers, and symbols

Style guidelines – in-depth rules about logo usage, styling, and layout

As visual communicators, the id8 team provides the branding solutions to help our clients be more successful. For recent examples of the id8 creative process at work, check out our work. One recent example is our rebrand work for Capital Restoration. We applied our Creative Process to create a clear message and a memorable brand. We developed marketing tools such as business cards, vehicle wraps, and t-shirts to present the brand as confident and trustworthy.

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